KU's Open Access Collections for Libraries to Support in 2023 (Indian Subcontinent)

In this webinar, which took place on 13th June 2023, Wilson de Souza and Archana Sisodia provide an overview of the new Open Access collections that libraries can support until the end of 2023.

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2023 marks a significant milestone for Knowledge Unlatched's library crowdfunding initiative, as it celebrates a decade of facilitating the publication of thousands of Open Access (OA) monographs. This landmark achievement has led to some exciting new developments at KU.

The webinar also highlights the significant changes made to KU's multi-disciplinary collection, KU Select, which now exclusively focuses on HSS subjects aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

This shift aims to provide greater value to institutions and researchers and enables libraries to support timely, relevant, and sought-after OA content.

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