How Indian Academic Community Can Benefit from KU's Open Access Collections

In this webinar, Wilson de Souza, Regional Manager at Knowledge Unlatched (KU), provides additional information about KU's initiatives aimed at increasing the number of Open Access books worldwide.

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This webinar focuses on how the Indian academic community can now enjoy more than 14,000 open access academic books for free and easily.

In 2020, KU launched the Open Research Library (ORL), a free and easy-to-use Open Access hosting platform. In addition to more than 3,000 books that have become Open Access through Knowledge Unlatched, over 12,000 book titles from various publishers and disciplines are hosted at the ORL. Thus, the total of ORL holdings comprises more than 15,000 book titles, over 49,000 scientific publication chapters,  24,500+ conference presentation posters, 850+ scholarly articles and 300+ videos.

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