5 Minutes with: Sebastian Nordhoff from Language Science Press

On November 17, 2020, Philipp Hess, Knowledge Unlatched, has conducted an interview with Sebastian Nordhoff, a Managing Director at Language Science Press.

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A Language Science Press 2021-2023 Collection Overview.

This collection will support the renewal of the ground-breaking initiative in the field of linguistics that Language Science Press had launched in recent years. It has successfully made over 90 books fully available in open access by the end of 2020.

The collection demonstrates that Open Access for books can be a sustainable undertaking.

Thanks to this initiative, researchers can continue to submit and publish monographs in Open Access without any Book Processing Charges (BPCs) involved.

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Go to the profile of Sven Fund
about 3 years ago

Great that this model is around in Linguistics. I am wondering how other disciplines can adopt the learnings Sebastian is sharing