5 Minutes with: Anne Ruimy from EDP Sciences

On June 11, 2021, Philipp Hess, Knowledge Unlatched, has conducted an interview with Anne Ruimy, a Senior Publisher at the Édition Diffusion Presse (EDP) Sciences.

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An EDP Sciences Open Mathematics 2022 - 2024 Collection Overview.

      • Ground-breaking Subscribe-to-Open (S20) pilot project in Mathematics;

      • S20 seeks to take what is working well in the current system and applies it to achieving a sustain-able and potentially universal model of Open Access;

      • Contact Knowledge Unlatched for a targeted offer for your institution.

More information about this collection: https://knowledgeunlatched.org/stem/.

About EDP Sciences.

EDP Sciences (Édition Diffusion Presse Sciences) was established in 1920 by a prestigious academic community of French learned societies seeking to share their knowledge. Members of this community included eminent scientists, such as Marie Curie, Paul Langevin and Louis de Broglie. Since November 2019, EDP Sciences is owned by Science Press which is majority-owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The CAS is a prestigious learned society and the world’s largest research organisation. EDP Sciences has always been, and continues to be, the publishing partner of scientific communities throughout the world.

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