Pablo Markin

Community Manager, Open Research Community
Adrian Stanley

Chief Innovation and Development Officer, JMIR Publications

Emily Choynowski

Head of Publishing, Knowledge E

Jane Potee

Sales and Marketing Intel , Ingenta

Ellie Sugg

Journal Membership Manager, The Journal of Fair Trade

Rachel Daniels

Research Support Manager, Cranfield University

Hatem Bazian

Professor, Islamophobia Studies Center

Uzma Jamil

ReOrient , ReOrient: The Journal of Critical Muslim Studies

Tony Ward

Professor of Law, Northumbria University

James Harrison

National Coordinator, Institute of Employment Rights

Ursula Huws

Professor of Labour and Globalisation, Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation

Zahida Khalid

Assistant Editor, Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad

David Dillard

Hardware Specialist, Lowes Home Improvement

Eve Kanram

Project Coordinator , Pluto Educational Trust

Eduard Jacob

retired neuropsychiatrist (67) not practicing anymore, member of IFLA and KNVI and EAHIL

Roger van Zwanenberg

Chair Pluto Educational Trust, Pluto Educationsl Trust

Elaine Lambert

NA Sales Associate, Knowledge Unlatched

Ricardo A. Fagoaga Hernández

Independent Scholar, Independent Scholar

Kush Westwood

Journals Coordinator, Pluto Journals

Gregor Bangert

Regional Manager DACH, Karger Publishers

Dr. Marc Scavuzzo

Professor, University of the People