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Open Education Resources Room

In this area, one can find scholarly articles, research reports and other materials that discuss Open Access in the context of its educational uses.
Mar 18, 2021

Open Education Resources, the Covid-19 Impact, Adoption Rates.

As the utilization of instructional resources, such as textbooks, in Open Access seems to have plateaued in recent years, despite the influence of the pandemic period, barriers to the adoption of Open Access course books in higher education likely persist: More specifically, as Doug Lederman indicates in his recent article in Inside Higher Ed, whereas the use of textbooks has remained relatively stable in the pandemic-stricken academic year 2019-2020, as compared to the previous one, it is the usage of scholarly articles or case studies and other materials that has seen the most significant increases of 9 and 7 percentage points respectively. This, thus, indicates a tendency to retain the existing coursework setups, as the teaching activities have moved online, while article-level and other readings predominantly serve as additional resources that have contributed to enriching the Internet-based teaching practices and learning experience. This dynamics has also likely contributed to negligible changes, 1 percentage point on average, in the use rates of open educational resources (OER), in reflection of the importance of additional curricular materials, continual textbook updates and remaining organizational or other barriers for Open Access textbook adoption levels. 

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