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Jul 11, 2022

How Students Can Be Using the Open Research Library

To learn about using the Open Research Library (ORL), platform visitors can consult still largely relevant video tutorial at this link: For the general audience, this introduction provides a summary of the ORL that can be of great help: This relatively recent webinar recording provides more information about both KU and the ORL: For the ORL content, the citation information can be found in the Citations tab that is next to the default Details-tab presentation of information for each ORL item, such as here One can search for resources either from the ORL homepage or from the Avanced Search interface: While the default search option is the most comprehensive, as it includes the full text search results derived from ORL content items, it is advisable to switch to title-only search, if the intention is to look for specific content types or categories, such as books from specific publishers or ORL modules, e.g., Open Educational Resources. Thus, the search results of all ORL books can be further refined by license type, publication year, book language or publisher name:*%26_f%3D%2522BOOK%2522%26full-text%3Dfalse.

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