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Jul 06, 2021

A recent report on the Nordic journal publishing landscape

On July 5, 2021, Mikael Laakso from Hanken School of Economics has published a research report on Nordic academic journals, which was funded by the Nordic publications Committee for Humanities and Social Science Periodicals (NOP-HS). According to the press release for this research report, it provides a comprehensive overview of the Nordic scholarly journals in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), while focusing on journals fulfilling its geographic sampling criteria, such as being based in Nordic countries. This research has derived its primary data from bibliometric information and a web survey conducted during the first half of 2021. This study has encompassed 353 Nordic journals. Representatives of 72 of these journals have provided responses for the the attendant web survey.  Among the more interesting findings of this research report are that 86% of the sampled Nordic journals are published in English (p. 19). Over 50% of Nordic scientific journals are published by professional bodies. 75% of these journals are published in Open Access. Thus, for this journal sample, whereas Open Access publishing cuts across publisher types, such as research universities, scholarly societies and professional publishers, closed access model deployment, e.g., for 75 journals from the sample, is predominantly concentrated (87%) in the hands of professional market players (p. 21). For Nordic journals, the more important funding sources are grant funding, third-party organization support, e.g., by home institutions, volunteer work and membership frameworks (p. 26).

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