The Inclusion of Bicycles into Urban Traffic Management Systems

In this book chapter, Jelena Vasic and Heather J. Ruskin review and analyze different models for joint bicycle traffic and transportation flow management.

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The model that these authors present takes into account the characteristics of road networks, their occupancy, traffic behavior and management system features, such as via spatial modeling.

Among the main conclusions of this paper is the presence of co-dependencies between urban road network topologies and their empirical vehicle flows, in which bicycles represent a more vulnerable transportation mode.

The key relationships that this paper has investigated comprise those between vehicle routes, network navigation characteristics of the real life traffic participants' behavior and urban traffic interaction rules, such as at road intersections.

This paper highlights, thus, the importance of preserving the simplicity of the behavior of traffic participants across transportation modes.


Vasić, Jelena. "A CA-Based Model for City Traffic Including Bicycles." Accessed June 3, 2020.

Featured Image Credits: Bicycle, May 5, 2013 | © Courtesy of Larry Vincent/Flickr.

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