Research 2030 Podcast on Open Science: Part 1 | Interview with Jean-Claude Burgelman | Produced by Giacomo Mancini, Elsevier, August 21, 2020

This podcast explores the interrelations between Open Access, the Plan S proposed by the cOAlition S and the reward systems of the journal publishing industry.

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Featured Image Credits: Bruxelles - Bibliothèque de Droit (ULB), Brussels, Belgium, June 13, 2015 | © Courtesy of Fred Romero/Flickr.

Pablo Markin

Community Manager, Open Research Community


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about 1 year ago

This is really interesting!

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about 1 year ago

Essentially, Jean-Claude Burgelman argues that the transition to Open Science is driven by the similar factors that have brought about the Internet 2.0 that revolves around communities, Open Source and digital infrastructures. Similarly, how Open Science policies are implemented is likely to be dependent on the local and global configurations of industry players that act as its stakeholders.