Pathway to Subscribe 2 Open: A Panel on the Journey to Successful Flipping

This panel draws on insights from publishers who have transitioned their scholarly journals to Open Access using a subscribe-to-open (S2O) model.
Pathway to Subscribe 2 Open: A Panel on the Journey to Successful Flipping

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October 12, 5:00-6:30 pm, Berlin time

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Vivian Berghahn (Berghahn Journals, Managing Director), Panelist
Dr. Richard Gallagher (Annual Reviews, President & Editor-in-Chief), Panelist
Philipp Hess (Knowledge Unlatched, Publisher Relations), Moderator
Dr. Roger van Zwanenberg (Pluto Journals Ltd, Managing Director), Panelist
Professor Dr. John Willinksy (Stanford university, Professor of Education and Associate Dean of Student Affairs)


In this session we would like to analyze in depth what has worked well and what didn't in the process of flipping or transitioning a journal portfolio into Open Access. The participants, Vivan Berghahn of Berghahn Journals, Richard Gallagher of Annual Reviews, Prof. Dr. John Willinsky on behalf of Libraria ( and the Public Knowledge Project (, and Roger van Zwanenberg from Pluto Journals, have all tackled the issues and processes of making this happen and will discuss what to improve going forward.

Event Partner

Knowledge Unlatched and S2O Community of Practice


Free Event

Featured Image Credits: I Want to Subscribe to You, San Francisco, CA, USA, December 15, 2009 | © Courtesy of Thomas Hawk/Flickr.

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