No more VAT on KU’s Open Access E-books and Subscribe-to-Open Journals in the UK

The new UK law removing VAT on e-publications came into effect earlier this year, slashing the cost of e-publications for those who purchase them—including libraries—by 20 percent.

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Since May 1, 2020, VAT’s zero rate applies to various e-publications, including the e-books and Subscribe-to-Open (S2O) journals made Open Access through Knowledge Unlatched (KU). KU is pleased to let UK libraries know that the e-books and S20 journals KU unlatches moving forward—including the flagship collection, KU Select, and any of its partner collections—are now VAT-free.

Every library pledge goes a long way in helping KU unlatch quality scholarly content. This new law affords UK libraries significant savings and gives them a powerful incentive to continue supporting Open Access initiatives and collections. As in the years past, they may make pledges through Jisc, KU’s partner in the UK, or directly contact their KU representative. 

By Mirela Roncevic

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Mirela Roncevic

Library Relations, Knowledge Unlatched