New KU Title Submission Guidelines for Publishers

These are new guidelines for file and metadata delivery, as part of the title unlatching process of Knowledge Unlatched

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KU Select Delivery

Regarding the KU Select model and any other collection where titles pass through a library selection process, basic metadata needs to be entered in the Knowledge Unlatched (KU) portal ( for each submission, to successfully conduct the voting process.

Once the titles have been selected and the library pledging is closed, publishers will be asked to deliver files and metadata to the Open Research Library (ORL), such as through uploading these into the KU file transfer protocol (FTP) server. The ingestion of titles into the ORL may proceed via different channels. These include secure FTP (SFTP) server folders and CoreSource or BiblioVault.

SFTP Server Access

SFTP server folders will be provided by the KU team for each publisher to share metadata, e.g., via an Excel template or an ONIX feed, book title and cover image files. If you deliver metadata in an Excel spreadsheet, please comply with the provided metadata template.

For connecting with our SFTP Server, you need an FTP client program. There are some free tools available. We recommend Filezilla ( or Cyberduck (

The access credentials for the SFTP Server are the following:

Server name:    

Account Name:          kunewbooks

Password:                  8PMsryz+8?VHD,/j

This is how you log in with the client:


Step 1: Click on the icon at the top left under "File" (see screenshot). A new window opens.


Step 2: Now click on the button "New site" in the lower left area. Give the server a name, for example "Knowledge Unlatched".


Step 3: Now enter the values on the right-hand side that you see in the screenshot:

  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Host:
  • Port: 22
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: Access data you have received
  • Password: Password you have received

For Cyperduck it’s the same:



The ORL also works with content distributors like CoreSource or BiblioVault. If you deliver metadata in a spreadsheet, please comply with the provided metadata template.

The KU Select Unlatching Process

If the ISBN of an ingested title in the ORL matches with a record in the KU portal during an automatic internal check, the book will be marked as unlatched and the billing process initiated. Once unlatched, publishers receive an automatic email notification that will include further details on the payment process if applicable.

In case you have any questions on metadata requirements, title ingestion or would like to know more about additional recommendations on this topic, please get in touch directly with Pablo (

SFTP Server Title Delivery Instructions for Publishers

Publishers delivering their titles to the KU SFTP server should find folders with their names, once they log into the SFTP server within the global root folder called "ku-new-books."  Within these dedicated folders, i.e., bearing their names, publishers ought to be uploading their book title, cover image and metadata files into the subfolders corresponding to the KU collections or ORL modules to which the titles need to be added.

It is strongly recommended to deliver title-related files into the designated sub-folder for the target  collection or module with the name precisely corresponding to how the collection or module appears on the ORL, such as by consulting the listing of its modules at this link:

Should a necessary subfolder not exist already, please use the "Create Directory" function of your SFTP server access software to create a subfolder the name of which is exactly the same as the name of the necessary KU collection, such as by consulting the list of collections in the KU Portal or searching for it at this link:  

Book title deliveries should include the title files, e.g., in the PDF or ePub format, cover images and the metadata file. Book title and cover image files need to use the corresponding eISBNs as respective file names.  The names of these files should not include any non-alphanumeric symbols, such as "-", since that can pose problems for their ORL processing.

The ORL support team can process metadata in the ONIX format. Otherwise, the Excel metadata template needs to be used, which can be downloaded from this link.

In case you have any questions on metadata requirements, file delivery, title ingestion or would like to know more about additional recommendations on this topic, please get in touch directly with Pablo:

Written by Philipp Hess and Nina Weisweiler

Edited by Pablo Markin

Featured Image Credits: Oldschool Metadata, May 8, 2007 | © Courtesy of Erica Firment/Flickr.

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