KU Spotlight Newsletter: Issue 6

KU Spotlight Newsletter: Issue 6

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Dear Librarians,

Welcome to our first newsletter in 2022.

As you may have seen in our recent announcement, some 390 books will be published Open Access (OA) in 2022 owing to the library support KU received in 2021. These include 227 books in our legacy collection, KU Select HSS 2022, as well as 160 books in our partner collections. In addition, KU contributed to the sustainability of 51 journals thanks to our Subscribe-to-Open partnerships.

We also welcomed 34 new institutions to the KU community in 2021, bringing the total number of libraries that have supported KU initiatives to date to about 670. By the end of this year, KU’s total impact will number around 3,500 books and over 60 journals flipped to OA.

We are very encouraged by the impact KU continues to make and look forward to a new pledging cycle in May. Until then, we are busy planning new webinars, expanding our Selection Committee, and improving our analytics. This issue of the newsletter will get you caught up on our endeavors this winter.

Stay well.

Alexandra, Amir, Archana, Bob, Carolina, Catherine, Elaine, Laurens, Max, Mirela, Olaf, Pablo, Philipp, Wilson, and Sven

New! KU Open Access Heroes 2022

Each year KU assesses the impact of the books we unlatch to shed light on where OA books are used the most and which titles, publishers, and categories are the most popular around the world.

The countries that saw the most usage of KU books over the past year include the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India, and Canada.

An infographic that presents the usage data in one place can be downloaded from the Open Research Community website.

New! Dashboards for Libraries

A year ago,  KU launched Oable, an online tool for managing OA processes and transactions. One of the derivative benefits of Oable has been the development of a growing number of analytical tools (Dashboards).

The Usage Dashboard allows libraries to see usage of KU books on a macro level or by using filters by user institution, author institution, country, and date, among other options. The Unlatching Dashboard may be used for tracking the opening of titles as a result of library pledging. Lastly, the Upcoming Titles Dashboard allows libraries to monitor the unlatching of upcoming titles from new collections.

With Wiley’s commitment to expand KU technology resources, we expect to offer many other reporting options in the coming months.

  • Registered users of the KU portal can access the dashboards by clicking on the Analytics tab in their account.
  • Librarians who are not registered users may contact their KU representatives or send an email to catherine@knowledgeunlatched.org.

Register for KU's Upcoming Webinar

Usage of Open Access books during the pandemic

The past two years have accelerated the need for Open Access (OA) publishing, owing in part to the lingering Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the usage of  OA publications has skyrocketed as researchers and librarians around the world took advantage of the free and unrestricted access afforded to them through OA hosting platforms and services (including KU's Open Research Library).

This webinar gives librarians insight into the significant usage of OA monographs during the pandemic and sheds light on how best to utilize OA resources to continue supporting open research.

  • March 22, 2022; 3 p.m. CET; 2 p.m. BST; 9 a.m. EST
  • To register, follow this link.

Join the KU Selection Committee

We are accepting applications now 

Members of the KU Selection Committee have an active say in selecting the quality and scope of titles to be included in the KU Select HSS Books Collection through a quick and easy voting process that takes place each year in our online portal.

If you'd like to join the KU Selection Committee, please fill out the online form by March 11. Committee members will have between March 21 and April 15, 2022 to review the title submissions from participating publishers and make their selections.

Based on the experiences thus far, the voting process takes a maximum of two hours, depending on how many subject areas are selected.


  • Fill out the online form to join the Selection Committee here.

  • Watch a short video about the Committee and the voting process here.

Take part in KU's Survey for Libraries

What influences your decisions to support Open Access and KU?

In an ongoing effort to better understand librarians' motives for supporting Open Access and KU initiatives, KU is inviting libraries to participate in this short anonymous survey, designed to help us gain a deeper insight into your perceptions and challenges and build Open Access collections that meet the changing needs of your institutions.

We'd be grateful if you could set aside five minutes of your time to answer a few short questions.


  • Follow this link to fill out the questionnaire.
  • The survey is open until March 11, 2022.