KU Spotlight Newsletter: Issue 5

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KU's Fall 2021 regional webinars

KU's webinars are not only held in English but also in other languages, including German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew. Please follow this link to find all 2021 webinars in one place, including the webinars that took place earlier in the year, or follow the links below to register for our upcoming webinars.

Pledge & Support
2021 Collection Highlights by Discipline
Below are this year's collection highlights, organized by discipline. For the full listing of pledging options, visit www.knowledgeunlatched.org and browse the collections by subject or download the PDF of our brochure.


Communication & Media Studies

​​​​​Amsterdam University Press Communication & Media Studies 2022-2024

CEU Press Slavic Politics 2022-2024

Pluto Press Radical Politics 2021-2023

​​​​​University of Michigan Press International Politics 2022

Verfassungsblog Membership Program 2022-2024​​​​​

Routledge African Studies 2020-2022

Routledge Gender Studies 2020-2022​​​


​​​​​​Dear librarians,

'Tis the season to pledge!

As this year's deadline for pledging fast approaches, we are eager to collect as many pledges from libraries as possible to continue unlatching scholarly content in a wide range of disciplines. Thank you for helping us unlatch nearly 3,000 books and flip 50 journals to Open Access to date. ​​

​​​​We can only make a difference with your participation every year, so please take the time today to select the collections from our brochure that you'd like to support. If you are pressed with time, this newsletter highlights the options available. As always, let your KU library representative know when you are ready to make a pledge or if you have any questions.

The links throughout lead to various sources to help you understand what each collection offers, including links to KU's website, short interviews with publishers, past and upcoming webinars, and title lists.

Please note that the 2021 deadline for pledging is November 30, 2021.

​​​​Stay well.

Alexandra, Amir, Archana, Bob, Carolina, Catherine, Elaine, Laurens, Max, Mirela, Olaf, Pablo, Philipp, Wilson, and Sven

KU Focus Collection 2022: Climate Change

For the first time in this year’s pledging season, we wanted to offer a special collection containing books around one single cutting-edge theme and asked librarians which topic they would find most relevant. A clear majority of librarians who took part in our online survey voted for Climate Change. We then reached out to our publishing partners who helped us build this collection, including Taylor & Francis, Bloomsbury, Berghahn, the University of Michigan Press, and the University of Arizona Press.

KU Select 2022 HSS Books

Pledge for the full collection of 343 HSS Books and support KU's multi-disciplinary flagship collection, KU Select. Hundreds of libraries worldwide have participated in helping us unlatch thousands of books in this collection over the years. Libraries may support the collection in full or they may opt to support subject packages within KU Select.

  • Follow this link for more details on this year's collection, including the prices of subject packages
  • ​​​Follow this link for information on the titles included in the collection​​​​​​​​

KU's Subscribe-to-Open
initiatives for journals

As with all Open Access initiatives, the success of the much-talked about Subscribe-to-Open (S20) model depends on library participation in order to spread the costs of ongoing subscriptions so no single institution is overburdened.

Encouraged by the success of the S20 model thus far and librarians' interest, KU recently hosted two webinars for North American and European libraries that explain how the model works and provide details of KU's four S20 pledging opportunities for HSS and STEM journals.

Browse the PDF of KU's 2021 Brochure by Subject



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