KU 2020 Pledging Options Webinar for Libraries in North America

Addressing North American audiences, Knowledge Unlatched representatives have discussed the models for Open Access transitions, such as for book collections, to be deployed in 2020 on Thursday, May 28th.

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Knowledge Unlatched (KU) has addressed Open Access stakeholders from Canada and the United States in the webinar below. In this webinar, Catherine Anderson and Bob Schatz from KU briefly presented the new models and collections from KU Select 2020. As well as presenting some exciting new partner collections, they have focused on the changes to the KU Select Books model based on feedback from libraries from the last few pledging rounds.


Thursday 28th May at 12 pm Eastern Time / 9 am Pacific Time.

This webinar was recorded as follows.

Webinar Video:

Pablo Markin

Community Manager, Open Research Community