Knowledge Unlatched, uma iniciativa alemã de Acesso Aberto

On February 18, 2021, Wilson de Souza, Regional Manager at Knowledge Unlatched, participated in a live event and discussion organized by CBBU (Brazilian Commission of University Libraries) and FEBAB (Brazilian Federation of Associations of Librarians, Information Scientists, and Institutions).
Knowledge Unlatched, uma iniciativa alemã de Acesso Aberto

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This Portuguese-language YouTube live session was moderated by Maria Eduarda Puga, from the Federal University of Sao Paulo.

This event has concentrated on the following topics:

  • How one can participate in the KU Selection Committee;
  • The Open Research Library (ORL): A central hosting platform for Open Access content;
  • How your libraries in Brazil and elsewhere can make content from the ORL available in their catalogues;
  • How local university publishers can participate in this collaborative funding initiative of Knowledge Unlatched.

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