Knowledge Unlatched, uma iniciativa alemã de Acesso Aberto

On February 18, 2021, Wilson de Souza, Regional Manager at Knowledge Unlatched, participated in a live event and discussion organized by CBBU (Brazilian Commission of University Libraries) and FEBAB (Brazilian Federation of Associations of Librarians, Information Scientists, and Institutions).

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This Portuguese-language YouTube live session was moderated by Maria Eduarda Puga, from the Federal University of Sao Paulo.

This event has concentrated on the following topics:

  • How one can participate in the KU Selection Committee;
  • The Open Research Library (ORL): A central hosting platform for Open Access content;
  • How your libraries in Brazil and elsewhere can make content from the ORL available in their catalogues;
  • How local university publishers can participate in this collaborative funding initiative of Knowledge Unlatched.

Wilson de Souza

Regional Manager, Knowledge Unlatched GmbH