How to Submit Titles to the KU Portal

This page explains the process of submitting titles to the Knowledge Unlatched (KU) Portal.

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  1. Please go to
  2. Select the respective collection from the overview you would like to submit a title to
  3. In the collection click on “Add submission” in the top left corner.
  4. Next decide whether you would like to add submissions manually or per bulk upload.

  1. When adding submissions manually, you will be guided to the following overview where you are asked to fill in the title information. On top you will find 5 different sections where data has to be filled in. 


  1. Title information
  2. Title Licensing & Pricing
  3. Chapter
  4. Files
  5. Discoverability


All of those fields which have a grey checkbox next to them are mandatory.  

  1. Similarly, please do not forget to supply, alongside the author information, the primary subject, page  number and library classification data for the title being submitted.

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