How Does the Pricing Work for Libraries in the United Kingdom?

KU Select 2020 HSS Books Differential Pricing in the United Kingdom.

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The differential pricing of Knowledge Unlatched for institutions based in the United Kingdom can be found below. It is based on the Jisc Band categories:

KU Select 2020 HSS Books full pledging amount: £ 9,820.

Jisc Band Pledging Fee (£)
1, 2 & 3 9,820 £
4, 5A & 5B, 6 7,365 £
7 & 8 4,910 £
9 & 10 2,455 £

More information about KU Select 2020 HSS Books can be found on our website here:

Please let us know if you would like to know more about pricing for your institution.

Please note that for other KU Collections differential pricing may not apply.

Written by Mirela Roncevic

Featured Image Credits: Lincoln's Inn Library, London, UK, October 29, 2012 | © Courtesy of Mariusz Kluzniak/Flickr.

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