How Does the Differential Pricing Work for Institutions in Canada?

KU Select 2023 HSS Books Differential Pricing in Canada.

The differential pricing of Knowledge Unlatched for institutions based in Canada can be found below. The pricing is based on the CRKN Banding (March 2019):

The differential pricing applies to the KU Select 2023 HSS Books Collection (Full Collection or Frontlist Only). It does not, however, apply to individual KU Select 2023 subject packages.


KU Select 2023 HSS Books full pledging price: $13,970.

More information about pledging options and KU Select 2023 HSS Books can be found on our website here:

Written by Catherine Anderson

Edited by Pablo Markin

Featured Image Credits: The library of the Canadian Parliament at the capital city of Ottawa, ON, Canada, February 24, 2008 | © Courtesy of Kaya/Flickr.

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