A Quick Walkthrough of KU's Pledging Options in 2021 (Africa)

A Quick Walkthrough of KU's Pledging Options in 2021 (Africa)

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Join Wilson de Souza from Knowledge Unlatched for a brief overview of the collections and pledging options available for libraries in Africa to support up to the end of 2021.

We expect the webinar to last for a maximum of 45 minutes and we will be recording it. A copy of the presentation will also be shared with participants and those not able to join. Please feel free to share the invitation with any colleagues who may be interested in attending.


27th October 2021, 3 pm SAST

Please register for this webinar here.

Featured image credits: Blade Runner's Johannesburg, June 20, 2015  | © Courtesy of  Andrew Moore/Flickr.

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