A Conversation with Peter Suber about Open Science Infrastructures

With this video recorded talk, SPARC Europe inaugurates its YouTube channel, to feature interviews related to Open Research, Open Science and Open Education.
A Conversation with Peter Suber about Open Science Infrastructures

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From this video conference with Peter Suber, which took place on April 14, 2021, Agata Morka, from the SPARC Europe team, has highlighted the following points:

according to Peter Suber, "the more the libraries appreciate the connection between the content and the infrastructure, the more they might be willing to pay for, support, or subsidize the infrastructure as well”;

as Suber also suggested that, without community support, "infrastructures we depend on might die or might be acquired by a corporation that is really more interested in profits than in science”;

this interview has, thus, encouraged "universities to create inventories of the infrastructures they use and commit to paying their share to support them."

Edited by Pablo Markin

Featured Image Credits: View from Earth Sciences overbridge, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, August 16, 2009 | © Courtesy of Greenstone Girl/Flickr.

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