Interview With Kumsal Bayazit, CEO of Elsevier, at the 2019 Charleston Conference

What is Elsevier's direction as an "Information Analytics" company? What is RELX? And what can the background of the new CEO tell us about the direction of Elsevier, itself?

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Charleston Conference veteran Tom Gilson and I spoke to Kumsal Bayazit, the new CEO of Elsevier, at Charleston in November 2019. Part of the conversation dealt with transformative agreements and open access; part of it dug into how Elsevier, as a part of the RELX Group, is changing as the company navigates the rapidly-changing information landscape. 

What is clear is that Elsevier is no longer just a traditional publisher and cannot be expected to behave like a traditional publisher. Kumsal Bayazit, who is both very smart and very savvy, was apparently hired because of her technology background, not her background in publishing.

I believe that the interview is quite revealing.

Matthew Ismail

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