How Publishers Can Transition their Book Titles into Open Access with via Knowledge Unlatched

How to unlatch book titles as Open Access via Knowledge Unlatched.

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For your book titles that are part of one of the Knowledge Unlatched Collections, you can find the submission and existing metadata for the book title in the specific collection.

When you login via the Knowledge Unlatched portal (, click on the collection the book title is a part of - for instance "KU Select 2016 Front List Collection"

In this overview, you can find all your submissions and the status for each title. For book titles that have the status "To be Unlatched" please review the metadata previously entered, and make any necessary changes. If all the metadata is entered correctly and the files have been uploaded, please save all changes and change the status to "Submit for Unlatching".

After you have changed the status for the title to “Submit for Unlatching” we can review the file(s) and unlatch the book(s) as Open Access, ensuring the titles are live on OAPEN and any additional hosting platforms if applicable.

Once unlatched, you will receive an automatic email notifying you that the title(s) have been unlatched. This email will also include further details on the payment process if applicable.

Written by Nina Weisweiler


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