Transforming Research Excellence: New Ideas from the Global South | Erika Kraemer-Mbula et al., eds. | African Minds, 2020

This volume collects contributions from scholars and practitioners from around the world, and especially the Global South. Articles by international experts, funder representatives and key stakeholders have explored the topics of research quality, assessment tools and existing challenges.


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over 1 year ago

It is indicative that a wide range of authors in this volume discuss Open Access in the context of innovative research performance and quality indicators, existing Open Science policies in the Global North countries and corresponding Open Access initiatives in South America and Africa, such as Brazil and South Africa respectively. Yet, besides quality concerns, in the Global South successful transitions to Open Access, as this collection suggests, will demand both sustainable business models and local policy mandates that take advantage of existing funding, digital infrastructures, e.g., the SciELO network, and assessment mechanisms to balance the maximization of access to research findings with the demands of existing publishing ecosystems in these countries.