The Adoption of Article Processing Charges as a Business Model by Brazilian Open Access Journals | Andre Luiz Appel and Sarita Albagli | Transinformação, 31, Apr 4, 2019

This study has inquired into the practices of Brazilian Open Access (OA) journals that deploy article processing charges (APCs), while focusing on their decision making, editorial policies and business models based on a sample of high-impact journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.


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almost 2 years ago

This article suggests that, for Brazilian Open Access journals, article processing charges (APCs) are positively and significantly interrelated with their impact metrics and ability to offer additional services, such as translation. Though publisher discounts and third-party funding can partly offset the impact of APCs on authors' ability to publish in high-impact journals in low-income countries, alternative models of journal funding may need to be developed in the Open Access sector.