Stony Brook University Author Perspectives on Article Processing Charges | Victoria Pilato and Clara Y. Tran | Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 8, 2020

This study is based on a cross-sectional survey designed to learn about the perspectives and concerns of Stony Brook University authors in relation to article processing charges and their impact on their preferences concerning publication venues, e.g., Open Access journals versus closed access ones.

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Pablo Markin

Community Manager, Open Research Community


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over 1 year ago

As this research suggests, academic libraries can play a significant role in addressing the misconceptions about Open Access (OA) and the concerns of authors regarding article processing charges (APCs), available funding sources and various OA models. This primarily follows from the findings of this survey that APCs continue to affect the preferences of researchers in regard to publication venues, especially in the absence of institution-level APC-offsetting agreements, in view of the variation in APC levels across disciplines and a significant share of researchers that have never published articles in Open Access journals.