Santos-Hermosa, Gema, Proudman, Vanessa & Paola Corti. Open Education in European Libraries of Higher Education (Report). Apeldoorn, The Netherlands: SPARC Europe, (2021).

This report summarises the results of a survey of European libraries on Open Education Resources (OER), done in consultation with the European Network of Open Education Librarians, conducted in May 2021, receiving over 230 responses from 28 countries, and complementing the same-title 2020 report.

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over 1 year ago

This report both indicates that the pandemic period has both increased the awareness of Open Educational Resources (OERs) among European education institutions and provided an impetus for capacity building efforts in this domain, even though only half of the surveyed libraries were found to have OER-supporting policies. Moreover, only in a third of cases existing or incipient national policies oriented toward OER development or deployment were indicated to be present. Despite this, between 2020 and 2021, twice as many libraries have demonstrated open education involvement, which indicates the growing role of libraries for OER deployment and the increased institutional interest in OERs.