Publishing at Any Cost: A Cross-Sectional Study of the Amount that Medical Researchers Spend on Open Access Publishing Each Year | Mallory K. Ellingson et al. | BMJ Open, 2021

This empirical study has inquired into the level of median article processing charges that medical researchers have paid in 2019, while comparing these expenses of high-impact scholars with a control sample of general researchers publishing in medicine-related Open Access journals.


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over 1 year ago

As this study indicates, in the field of medical research, the Open Access publishing market is highly segmented, in which the general population of medical scholars is likely to encounter median article processing charges (APCs) of around 191 USD, whereas those who seek to publish in high-impact journals exhibit median APC expenses of circa 2,900 USD. In other words, for general-researcher and high-impact samples, 50% of researched articles have been found to entail APCs that are less than 191 USD and 2,900 USD respectively. Though the highest APC amount has been found to reach the level of 34,676 USD, this study has also found that high-impact researchers from North and South America have been paying median APCs of 1,695 USD that are significantly lower than those for their counterparts from other regions of the world: 4,800 USD.