Pagliaro, Mario. "Did you Ask for Citations? An Insight into Preprint Citations en route to Open Science." (2021).

This study has focused on citation patterns between 2017 and 2020 for preprints published in preprint servers, e.g., bioRxiv and ChemRxiv, in order to demonstrate that preprints are currently regularly cited in peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and conference papers.

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almost 3 years ago

Whereas previous studies indicate that the shares of self-archived preprint articles for papers published in either Open Access or closed access continue to be relatively low, e.g., between 4% and 12%, in recent years some preprint servers have exhibited near-exponential growth in the number of papers they host and their cumulative citation performance, such as 5,880 citations and 39,620 papers in 2018 to 23,820 citations and 107,518 preprints in 2020 for bioRxiv. This has been matched by an increasing degree to which preprints are cited across disciplines, which ranges from only 3% ratio of citations to preprints in oncology-related literature to as much as 41% ratio between citation counts and preprint papers in medical microbiology.