Open Access in Theory and Practice | Stephen Pinfield et al. | Routledge, 8 July 2020

This book draws on detailed analyses of the literature and current practices in the domain of Open Access, as well as data collected in interviews with practitioners, policymakers, and researchers, in order to explore the ways theory and practice have interacted in the development of Open Access.

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Pablo Markin 24 days ago

Despite its focus on Open Access (OA), this book reproduces the methodological disjunctions between the macro, meso and micro levels of analysis that can be applied to OA policies, perceptions and agents with different, not necessarily overlapping theoretical frameworks that apply to these. On the one hand, its authors point to the multiple gaps between theories in view of which OA can be conceptualized, and OA practices, which invites the discussion of the degrees of fit between these. On the other hand, this research primarily presents qualitative, interview-based findings that have allowed either supporting or disproving propositions drawn from extant theories. This allows its authors to inquire empirically into the OA theory-practice nexus, while proposing tentative analysis frameworks and identifying further research gaps.

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Pablo Markin 22 days ago

The key findings of this monograph are that the communication between Open Access practitioners and researcher needs to become more effective, more efforts need to be made to bridge the theory-practice gap, scholarly and professional sources talk to difference Open Access audiences and existing research findings remain inaccessible to the general public.