Maddi, Abdelghani. "Game Theory and Scholarly Publishing: Premises for an Agreement around Open Access." arXiv Preprint. (2021).

This paper proposes a model for the publishing market based on scholarly literature as well as on changes in Open Science policies.

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almost 3 years ago

Whereas this study suggests that the publishing market is likely to converge upon various Open Access models across multiple negotiation rounds between libraries and publishers, the distinction between Open Access and closed-access models is not necessarily sharp from the sustainability perspective, as the coverage of Open Access agreements can be limited in terms of duration periods and journal portfolios, while generating cost externalities. Likewise, the need to achieve sustainability does not necessarily create a zero-sum game trade-off between Open Access and closed-access strategy options and stakeholder interests, while creating likely overlaps between market player strategies and multiple Pareto-optimal outcomes for the academic publishing market.