Low Income Countries Have the Highest Percentages of Open Access Publication: A Systematic Computational Analysis of the Biomedical Literature | Jonathan Iyandemye and Marshall P. Thomas | PLoS ONE 14(7), 2019

This paper used the PubMed database to identify papers in biological sciences and medicine for 2015. The researchers utilized Unpaywall to identify the Open Access status of sampled papers based on their digital object identifiers (DOIs). World Bank data from 2015 were used for comparative analyses.


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almost 2 years ago

This study demonstrates that, in biomedical science fields, Open Access papers significantly and consistently constitute a higher share of research output in lower-income countries than in higher-income ones. Its findings also suggest that, by removing access barriers and via targeted collaboration funding, Open Access contributes to the inclusion of developing-country scholars, such as from Sub-Saharan Africa, into international and inter-regional academic networks.