Larios, Daisy, et al. "Access to scientific literature by the conservation community." PeerJ, 8, (2020): e9404.

This survey-based study has inquired into the degree to which access to the scientific literature is perceived to be challenging in the biodiversity conservation community, to shed light on the levels at which existing access to scholarly literature corresponds to researcher needs globally.

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almost 3 years ago

According to this study, in some scholarly areas, such as biodiversity conservation, access to scientific literature represent a vital precondition for the work of researchers, experts and practitioners, e.g., for 97% of respondents. Yet, around 50% of globally sampled survey participants have also experienced significant difficulties with obtaining scientific literature, to meet their work-related needs, such as due to limited institutional access to scholarly books and journals that tends to be more acute in non-Western countries than in high-income ones.