Krauskopf, Erwin. "Article processing charge expenditure in Chile: The current situation." Learned Publishing. (2021).

As the National Agency of Research and Development from Chile is proposing, for the first time, a national Open Access policy, this study has examined the cost of article processing charges for the 2019 publications that included at least one Chilean affiliation.


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about 1 year ago

It is notable that in 2019 in Chile the average article processing charge (APC) level was 1,346 USD. Whereas across disciplines the lowest APCs could reach 18 USD and the highest APCs 6,000 USD, median APC levels have demonstrated a correspondent variation from 80 USD to 2,500 USD. This indicates that APC affordability likely plays an important role in Open Access journal selection in publication venue terms. However, this does not seem to stem the continued in the Open Access sector, alongside the closed access one, in recent years in this country. Moreover, in Chile, the Open Access publishing landscape appears to be highly globalized, as, in the researched year, publishers with the highest cumulative APC revenues comprised MDPI, Wiley, Frontiers, Elsevier, Springer and Oxford University Press.