Kolpekwar, Janavi A., and Vinod B. Shidham. "Impact of cytopathology authors work: Comparative analysis based on Open-access cytopathology publications versus non-Open-access conventional publications." CytoJournal, 18, (2021).

This study has investigated differences in the rates of citation for Open Access publications, as opposed to those for traditional, non-Open Access papers with or without free access options for a sample of authors publishing in the subspecialty of cytopathology during the years 2010–2015.

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almost 3 years ago

What this paper indirectly suggests is that, for specialized fields of scholarly research, the citation advantage of Open Access derives not only from the unfettered access to recent scientific findings, but also from the constitutive differences between the Open Access and non-Open Access models, such as community-driven funding and dissemination-enabling licensing, which is not the case for free-access articles from closed-access journals. Moreover, this study has found that, for the field of cytopathology, the extra citation increase that the adoption of Open Access provides is higher in comparison to closed-access papers in free access (79% more citations) than as compared to conventional closed-access articles (74%), which could be due to cumulative differences in journal positioning and strategies deployed in relation to free access, in contrast to Open Access.