Jahn, Najko, et al. "Toward transparency of hybrid open access through publisher‐provided metadata: An article‐level study of Elsevier." Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, (2021).

This article investigates hybrid Open Access (OA) defined as the publication of individual articles in OA by subscription-based journals if an optional fee is paid, to address the lack of transparency in this sector, while using Elsevier metadata for this publisher-level overview of hybrid OA.


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8 months ago

It is notable that, whereas in the latter half of the past decade the number of Elsevier journals with Open Access options has grown gradually only, e.g., from circa 1.3k venues in 2015 to 1.6k titles in 2019, the overall number of articles these scholarly journals have published had been experiencing a significant yearly growth of up to or around 10%, such as from 468.9k in 2018 to 518.1k in 2019. In contrast, the average rate of growth in the Open Access articles output in these journals has been consistently higher than for their closed-access counterparts, such as around 17% between 10.6k in 2015 and 12.7k in 2016 for Open Access articles, versus about 5% for closed access articles for this period. This growth accelerated toward the decade's end, while amounting to circa 22%, such as from 15.6k articles in 2018 to 19.3k papers in 2019, for the Open Access output.