How COVID-19 is Changing Research Culture | Simon J. Porter and Daniel W. Hook | Digital Science & Dimensions, June, 2020

This research report inquires into the patterns of collaboration and coordination in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis based on an overview of developments in the first part of the year 2020 concerning Covid-related output, publication formats and Open Access trends.


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about 2 years ago

While this report traces the explosion of COVID19-related output internationally and the growing import of preprint servers, it also indicates the significant role of closed-access as well as bronze, hybrid and Green Open Access in communicating research results internationally. It also shows the gradual, but rapidly accelerating shift from China, United States and Europe toward the rest of world as the source of the bulk of research publications on the coronavirus between January and May, 2020. The unprecedented expansion of China's research base has also been reflected in the significant citation impact Chinese researchers have enjoyed between January and April, 2020, according to Dimensions data.