Galvão, Tássia, Priscilla Rayanne E. Silva Noll, and Matias Noll. "Perceptions, relationships, expectations, and challenges: Views of communication and research for scientific dissemination in Brazilian Federal Institutes." PLoS One, 16.10, (2021).

This study has explored scientists’ perceptions regarding the work of journalists, the relationship between these groups, and the challenges of science communication in education institutes in Brazil, based on 30 qualitative interviews and a quantitative survey of 242 journalists and researchers.


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7 months ago

As the findings of this research based on a sample drawn from regional academic communities in Brazil suggest, both journalists and communicators, on the one hand, and academic researchers of different rank and seniority, on the other hand, concur that science communication needs to be prioritized via an expansion of its reach, relations with the press and proactive channels accessible to the general public. Yet, the capabilities for articulating research results are likely unequally present across scholarly and media sectors. In this respect, Open Access formats might contribute to the media-science dialogue, since they remove barriers to the flow of communication not only within professional circles, but also with society at large. In this respect, the dissemination of scientific results may need to be contextualized on a continuous basis via unrestricted access to research results, which might require investment into collaborative frameworks and communication channels.