Ergebnisbericht Online-Konsultation Berlin Open Research: Kooperationsprojekt von Open-Access-Büro Berlin und You, We & Digital | Maxi Kindling et al. | Open-Access-Büro Berlin, 18. März 2021

This German-language report presents results of a recent survey conducted among scholarly and cultural organizations in the Berlin area by the Berlin Open Research office, in order to assess the activities, principles and values in the domain of Open Science.


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over 1 year ago

As this survey report indicates, whereas for the participants in this study Open Research can be primarily defined through its emphasis on openness, transparency, reusability and accessibility, in terms of its associated values a different set of aspects comes forth. Namely, for scholarly organizations and institutions, such as universities and libraries, that in their majority practice and support Open Research its most important aspects comprise sustainability, cooperation facilitation, the public benefit it involves and participative initiatives.