Die Transformation des Publikationswesens in den Open Access Stand und Entwicklungen | Bernhard Mittermaier | Präsentation, Jülich Forschungszentrum, Mai 20, 2021

This paper discusses developments in the Open Access sector in Germany in recent years.


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about 1 year ago

It is notable that, in recent years in Germany, in the field of geological sciences, the reduction in the scholarly output share in the framework of Green Open Access models took place equally strong through the expansion of both Gold Open Access and hybrid Open Access models with the latter rapidly expanding in 2018-2020. This stands in contrast to the relative stability in absolute and relative terms that Green Open Access demonstrated in Germany in the last decade. Likewise, across all disciplines Gold Open Access has shown consistent but recently slowing growth in this period. Yet the strong expansion in hybrid Open Access in geological sciences is indicative of the wider trends in other scholarly fields in the German journal publishing market, as the output of hybrid Open Access articles has rapidly increased from 4.34 thousand in 2017 to 21.1 thousand in 2020, whereas that of Gold Open Access only rose from 17.1 to 25.1 thousand articles respectively.