Die Bedeutung von Open Science in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Ergebnisbericht einer Online-Befragung unter Forschenden der Wirtschaftswissenschaften an deutschen Hochschulen 2019 | Guido Scherp et al. | ZBW, April 2020.

Es gibt allgemein einen hohen Unterstützungsbedarf seitens Ökonom*innen zu Open Science. Mehr Sichtbarkeit und Impact sind unter Wirtschaftswissenschaftler*innen wesentliche Anreize für die Anwendung von Open Science, wie zum Beispiel wenn sich mehr Forschende für die Arbeit interessierten.

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Pablo Markin

Community Manager, Open Research Community


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Pablo Markin 8 months ago

As this German-language report highlights, in contrast to Open Source and Open Science as general concepts, in their majority economics researchers have been found to strongly support Open Access (OA), such as by publishing in OA journals and depositing their working papers in OA repositories.

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Charles Watkinson 8 months ago

Economists always seem to have been very pro-Open Access. They are one of those disciplinary communities who were early to pre-prints with RePEc (which started in 1993). I presume that's still a hub of sharing but I haven't heard so much about it recently.

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Pablo Markin 8 months ago

Given how strongly the field of economics relies on data sets, sophisticated models and hypotheses testing, it is perhaps not surprising that Open Access has high acceptance levels. Besides, as a recent Bloomberg piece on the Notes on the Crisis blog suggests, cutting-edge research and policy discussions do not necessarily take place within the walls of the academia. This shows that Open Science can successfully rely on Open Source platforms, e.g., R and, as importantly, LaTeX for forumulas, and repository services, one of which is indeed RePEc, while there are other economics repositories as well.