Decolonizing Open Access in Development Research: Journal Open Access and Plan S: Solving Problems or Shifting Burdens? | Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin et al. | Development and Change, Wiley, 2021

This review article explores researcher community concerns in relation to the possible effects of Open Access mandates, such as the Plan S, on scientific practices, e.g., quality assurance, workflow management and scholarly collaboration.

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about 2 years ago

The authors of this paper express apprehensions that the implementation of Plan S guidelines might lead to author-side financial hierarchies, as reading and publishing costs will likely become redistributed in a manner that can establish a close interrelationship between funding availability and publication affordability. Furthermore, the greater adoption of article-level impact metrics can also be expected to change the standing of existing and new journals and attendant research evaluation procedures. In other words, transitions to Open Access on the level of research organizations and funders is also likely to bring about changes in the behavior and strategies of participant agents in the field of scholarly publishing.

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2 months ago

From the perspective of the time that elapsed, it fascinating to see the price dynamics in the Open Access monograph sector: