Besançon, Lonni, et al. "Open science saves lives: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic." BMC Medical Research Methodology 21.1 (2021): 1-18.

This article calls for a wider adoption of Open Science practices in the hope that this work will encourage a broader endorsement of Open Science principles and serve as a reminder that science should always be a rigorous process, reliable and transparent.

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over 2 years ago

Whereas the pandemic period has increased almost tenfold the news media and other venue exposure of preprint content related to Covid-19, as opposed to other topics, that differences for Twitter, Facebook and bogs were minor is likely due to the inherent, area-independent removal of dissemination barriers that Open Access affords as well as the medium-level awareness of possible research design and finding analysis flaws that unpublished papers can involve, given the presence of scholarly communities on social media.