An Analysis of Open Science Policies in Europe, Version 6 | Anthony Ross-Hellauer et al. | SPARC Europe, August, 2020

This Open Science policy update reflects changes in the European policy landscape since February 2020, presenting an updated review of national Open Data and Open Science policies in Europe as of August 2020. It concentrates on the EU member states and countries from the European Research Area.

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over 2 years ago

This overview report demonstrates, on the one hand, that, in the absence of formalized Open Science policies, in the European Union Open Access strategies do not necessarily take the form of national policies, but can become embedded into corresponding codes of research ethics, action plans or national frameworks, which corresponds to the variety of their sponsoring organizations, such as learned societies, ministry departments or government bodies. On the other hand, this paper suggests that the presence of Open Access and Open Science policies is associated with their comprehensiveness, such as going beyond protocols, data or publications only, predominantly entails government involvement and facilitates compliance monitoring.