Advancing Open Access in the Netherlands after 2020: From Quantity to Quality | Jeroen Bosman, Hans de Jonge, Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Sondervan | Working Paper, Zenodo, January 21, 2021

This article explores both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of Open Access in the Netherlands with regard to different content types, attendant characteristics, such as licensing, metadata and models, and policy frameworks.


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over 1 year ago

As this report suggests, the complexity of Open Access derives not only from its quantitative dynamics, such as sector growth rates and the output shares for which its different models account, but also from its qualitative characteristics that stem from the interrelations between support frameworks, technical infrastructures, incentive systems, legal aspects, relevant policies and declared aims. Additionally, as this report's authors highlight, Open Access seems to be more amenable for some content formats, such as conference proceedings, than to others. Likewise, as the growing sector of the publishing market, Open Access is significantly associated with alternative publishing initiatives, shared metadata standards and non-exclusive publishing licenses.