Adopting Open Access in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Evidence From a Developing Nation | Thu-Trang Vuong et al. | Heliyon, 6(7), 2020, 1-10

This study has examined the Open Access publication patterns of Vietnamese social scientists during the 2008–2019 period, while assessing the impact of the journal-level number of domestic and foreign authors as collaborative power indicators on publication decisions.

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Pablo Markin

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over 1 year ago

This paper has found that, among Vietnamese scholars, the share of Gold Open Access of articles published has registered yearly increases before experiencing a steep rise to 41% in 2019, which is only second to publishing in closed access (47.65%) for this year. This dynamics is likely to be driven by the growing adoption of Open Access models by local and international scholars, while contributing to the attractiveness of Open Access journals as publication venues.