Academic Library Strategy and Budgeting During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Jennifer K. Frederick and Christine Wolff-Eisenberg | Research Report, Ithaka S+R, December 9, 2020

This report presents the statistical analysis results from the survey that Ithaka S+R has conducted among 638 library directors in the United States in 2020, while focusing on library decision making, COVID-19 management, budget allocations, collections acquisitions, and personnel changes.

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Pablo Markin

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about 1 year ago

Among the key findings of this report is the expected long-term trend of growing budgetary allocations for digital journals and books and decreasing investment into print resources. In 2020, the amount of library spending on e-books has exceeded that of print book allocations, as the usage of electronic resources has grown significantly, due to physical premise closures. By 2025, across both public and private institutions, the spending on e-books is expected to account for 13% of library budgets, whereas that on print books 7% only. In 5 years' time, digital journals and electronic books are projected to respectively command the first and second largest shares of library budgets in the United States.