A Provisional System to Evaluate Journal Publishers Based on Partnership Practices and Values Shared with Academic Institutions and Libraries | Rachel Caldwell | Publications 2020, 8, 1-25

This study proposes a system for the evaluation of scholarly publishers that, instead of citation impact indicators, uses measures of publisher practices' alignment with the values of university libraries and higher education institutions as a basis for strategic decisions about resource allocation.

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almost 4 years ago

This paper suggests that the interests of academic libraries are served equally well by publishers offering either Gold Open Access or hybrid or Green Open Access options, as institutional repositories remain under-used. This is particularly the case for non-profit or learned society publishers the subscription frameworks and article processing charges of which primarily serve the purpose of ensuring their financial sustainability, rather than maximizing their profit margins. Since determining the degree of strategic fit between the interests or priorities of university libraries and publisher practices is largely qualitative, to achieve external validity and construct reliability, the associated evaluations may, indeed, require community efforts for being carried out in a sustainable and regular manner.